Deploy and Scale Docker

Containers undoubtedly provide the agile foundation that enables Next-Era Development; however, this technology transformation introduces a whole new set of complexities and challenges. Similar to the solutions that brought virtualization to IT organizations, containers must contend with volume management, repository integrity, orchestration, capacity, security, and auditing. Building your enterprise container environment can be costly if not done correctly with the right expertise.

Devera builds enterprise-grade solutions to bring containers to production securely and at scale. Devera builds your platform to deploy, orchestrate and govern containers, microservices, cloud native applications and traditional workloads without compromise.

Design Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Capitalizing on market opportunities identified by lines of business means delivering new features to users as fast and efficiently as possible. Continuous Delivery (CD) is at the heart of Next-Era Development and solves this problem by building a pipeline directly from your development staff to your users—a constant flow of changes into production. Features are delivered in hours and minutes instead of months and weeks. Fast turnaround drives fast market response and success.

Modernize Legacy Applications

Java and .NET applications are still the life-blood of most enterprises. These applications are typically monolithic, statically configured, and designed to run on-premises in private data centers. While IT leaders recognize these legacy applications can't be left behind they are often given short-shrift by newer, container-focused languages that have gained velocity among new development teams.

Devera specializes in helping companies modernize their legacy applications so they can run as first-class citizens in container environments. They have years of experience on these platforms so they know the ins-and-outs of getting them to run in containers cost-effectively. Devera's full application modernization solution deep dives into the hard details of your legacy applications to design a functional blueprint and delivery roadmap that will run them at scale in a modern cloud environment. Modernizing your applications let you capitalize on the full benefits of a modern cloud infrastructure.

Accelerate Service Delivery

IT organizations struggle to deliver services to their developers quickly and efficiently without burdening operations. Devera solves this problem by building a service catalog that developers can use to self-provision the stack of services they need for their applications. The result is maximized developer productivity and minimized burden on operations.

Manage and Support Containers

Selecting a container or cloud management platform is just the beginning of implementing a container solution. Platforms such and Kubernetes, Mesos, and Docker Swarm are deeply complicated on their own and finding the skills and expertise to manage them compounds the problem.

Devera provides management and support for your container environment to ensure your operations run smoothly. Select from support subscriptions that include custom designed SLAs, ticket-based issue resolution, on-demand troubleshooting or pre-emptive maintenance to complete your enterprise container solution. Devera support allows you to run containers in production with the confident knowledge you have world-class experts available to quickly resolve production issues.