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We Build Successful Software Projects

Devera was founded to bring Next-Era development to the enterprise. Next-Era Software Development is the convergence of three leading-edge principles in software production: Containers, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps. The converged result drives applications and workloads quickly into production and at scale without sacrificing security or trust. By harnessing these forces, Devera accelerates and transforms enterprise development, reshaping it into a platform that creates successful software projects.

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Software Has Lots of Problems, Here’s How We Solve Them

Deploy and Scale Docker


Take maximum advantage of container technologies. Safely and securely reduce virtual environment costs.
Modernize Legacy Applications


Bring legacy Java/.NET enterprise apps to the cloud. Cut costs, boost performance, drive scale.
Design Continuous Delivery Pipelines


Integrate people, process and tools to reduce development times. Realize business value more quickly.
Accelerate Service Delivery


Automate traditional IT environments to deliver infrastructure services across public, private and hybrid clouds on-demand.

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