At Devera custom software development is our core capability — it drives our passion for delivering successful software projects. We use Next-Era Software Development principles to drive applications and workloads quickly into production and at scale without sacrificing security or trust. Our teams begin with industry standard Agile methods that include behavior and test driven development (BDD/TDD), cross-functional teams, and continuous feedback. We then use Containers, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps to reduce time-to-market, lower-costs, and improve productivity, product quality, and customer satisfaction. The result is a comprehensive software solution that declares success.

  • Enterprise & Web Development

  • Integration & Web Services

  • Mobile Development

  • Data Migration, Aggregation, & Quality

  • Bots, Add-ons, and Plug-ins

  • Serverless Apps & Microservices


Over 20 years of consulting experience gives us the capability to partner with our clients on strategic objectives and guide business decisions. On every engagement our #1 goal is to understand your mission as a business. With that basis we analyze your business problems and use our extensive knowledge and experience to refine them into a clear and easily understood action plan.

  • Container Infrastructure

  • Continuous Delivery Pipelines

  • DevOps Best Practices

  • Cloud-native Architecture


With years of experience in Fortune 500 companies we understand the factors that drive flexible resource solutions. Needs change rapidly and dramatically. We use our global contacts and extensive networks to find the most suitable resources for your requirements, extending the reach of your IT organization.

  • Teams

  • Overflow/Off-shore

  • Managed Hosting


We recognize the critical function that operations holds in every business. We also know that supporting today’s applications means capabilities that can span working directly with code as well as managing production environments. Our customized support services take this into account to make our customers’ operations run smoothly.

  • Triage & Take-over

  • Container & Cloud Management

  • Documentation & Training